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Trust is a Two Way Street

From ITVS Open Call funding to an Independent Lens premiere, Out Of State director Ciara Lacy and producer Beau Bassett talked to us about the multifaceted and sometimes painful journey through the Hawaiian incarceration system. 

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Filmmaker Follows Incarcerated Native Hawaiians Discovering Their Indigenous Traditions

I wasn’t trying to make a film, but perhaps that’s how most good things cross your path: You’re just not looking.

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My Own Private Hawaii: How a Native Hawaiian Shot Her Film at a Tough Private Prison in the Arizona Desert

I wasn’t trying to make a film, but perhaps that’s how most good things cross your path: You’re just not looking.

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Adam Bhala Lough Suggests I Fall in Love

Ciara Lacy is a Native Hawaiian filmmaker who attended the 2012 NativeLab with her feature documentary project "Out of State." Below she recalls her experience interacting with Lab Advisor and Sundance alum Adam Bhala Lough.

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Indie All the Way: My 2015 Sundance Take-Aways by Ciara Lacy

After a starry-eyed, jam-packed few days as a Sundance Institute Time Warner Fellow, I’m excited to find myself back home in Hawaiʻi, ready to integrate all the amazing intel I’ve gathered into my filmmaking toolkit. And, I’m eager to share.

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Distribution and Impact Tips from Firelight Media’s Latest Retreat By Ciara Lacy

After a weekend of filmmaking inspiration at Firelight Media’s San Francisco retreat, I woke to an inbox full of frustrated emails. Friends were struggling to understand why a South Carolina officer would brutally drag a black student from her chair.

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From the Field: A Peek Into the Process

For documentary filmmakers, a film trailer often referred to as a work in progress (WIP) trailer, is a powerful tool to secure the support of funders, distributors, and other potential partners. However, getting a trailer right isn’t easy. 

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From the Field: Timing is Everything

I’m a big fan of design and strategy–– when they’re done right they make everything sooo much better–– and I think good work embraces these processes from the start. So, of course, film should be no different, especially when it comes to outreach and engagement.

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From the Field: Making Deals: Welcome to the European Film Market

I walked into Martin-Grophius-Bau, the heart of the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin, and pulled out some Euros to grab a coffee. My eyes scanned the room – this certainly wasn’t the U.S., nor was this like anything I’d been to before – but I was ready to give it a try. It was time to get to work to sell my feature documentary, OUT OF STATE.

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From the Field: Out of State at the LA Film Festival

On day five of the Los Angeles Film Festival, writer Cortney Matz remarked, “If this was your first day at the festival, you may have wondered if you missed the memo on Hawaiian shirt day…it does look like a luau exploded in here.” 

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RoundUp: Hawaiian Media Makers Conference 2016

Notebook in hand, it was literally impossible for me to not get geeky at this year's Hawaii Media Maker's Conference. The line-up for the day was an industry who's who, and as a local filmmaker working on my first feature length documentary I was noticeably excited. 

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