79 min   |   Director + Producer

Feature Documentary

Out of State premiered at the LA Film Festival in June 2017, and is now touring the festival circuit. Supporters of the project include the MacArthur Foundation, the Princess Grace Foundation, Tribeca All Access, ITVS, Firelight Media's Next Step Fund, the Hawaii People's Fund, and Pacific Islanders in Communication.

Distribution: Independent Lens broadcast, GoodDOCS educational 


Ciara Lacy (Director + Producer)

Beau Bassett (Producer)

Terry Leonard (Executive Producer)

Jeff Consiglio (Co-Producer)

Chapin Hall (Cinematography)

Jeff Consiglio, Sara Booth

Jason Zeldes (Editors)

Tyler Strickland (Music)

Notable Film Festivals: Berlinale, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Thin Line Festival, Maoriland Film Festival, Vision Maker Film Festival, Smithsonian Mother Tongue Film Festival, Wairoa Maori Film Festival, CAAMFest


The themes that this powerful, poetic film explores are specifically grounded in a uniquely Hawaiian experience — exploring the struggles of contemporary Hawaiians through an intimate, honest, and empathetic lens,” the jury said.

– Variety 

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They learn ancient Hawaiian traditions behind bars, including dance routines, chants, and other rituals that they had previously disregarded for a life of crime and substance abuse.

– Cinemacy

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Native: Female Directors and Protagonists From the Pacific Region Feature Prominently in 2019 Programme

In 2019, NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema is screening 16 short and feature-length fiction and documentary films from the Pacific region. 

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‘Out of State’ LAFF Review: Hula Heals Convicted


Competing for the title of Best Documentary at the festival this year is “Out of State,” a story about personal change and second chances.

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“Documentary ‘Out of State’ Wins Hawaii Film Festival Award (EXCLUSIVE)

Ciara Lacy’s documentary “Out of  State” has won the inaugural Made in Hawaii Award at the 37th edition of the Hawaii International Film Festival.

FILMMAKER Ciara Lacy Hawaii Rising Out of State

Hawaii Rising: Creating Community at the 37th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival

It’s non-fictional filmmaking by way of the Dardennes, putting views directly in the steps of people trying to find a path back “home,” continually scrambling over — or stopped by — the obstacles in their way."

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Documentary Follows Inmates Embracing Native Hawaiian Traditions

For many of the Native Hawaiian inmates at the the Saguaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, director Ciara Lacy visited for her new documentary, prison was the first time they were ever exposed to most Hawaiian traditions.

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‘Out of State’ Exclusive Trailer: Two Career Criminals Discover Their Hawaiian Heritage in Prison

“Out Of State” follows two career criminals, David and Hale, who were shipped thousands of miles away from their homes in Hawaii to a serve their terms at a private prison in the Arizona desert. 

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Exclusive: Lois Vossen on how ‘Independent Lens’ will explore “who we are as a country”

American pubcaster PBS’s long-running documentary strand ‘Independent Lens’ has unveiled its programming lineup for this winter and the spring.

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11 Brilliant Native American

Films to Watch

This Thanksgiving

Forget the over-cooked turkey. What you need this holiday is a dose of creativity from some of the coolest indigenous filmmakers in North America.

The opening shot of OUT OF STATE captivated our jury, demonstrating a keen eye for the complex beauty of the subjects and their culture. This vision continued to move us throughout the entirety of the film.

– Portland Film Festival