48 min   |   Director

Feature Documentary

A personal journey into a remote Native Alaskan village and its people, whose stories of struggle and resilience show a community fighting for its future.

Distribution: Al Jazeera International, Correspondent Series Collaborators:

Amira Abujbara (Journalist)
Chapin Hall (DP)

Tom Visser (Sound)

Nathan Caswell (Editor)

Kayla Briet (Composer)


One aspect of this film which I thought was very interesting was about the feeling of being not exactly from one place or another. In today’s modern world of global families, what can you both say about this effect, and how can (or should) filmmakers tackle this duality?

– No Film School


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Filmmaker Ciara Lacy's 'We Are Still Here,' traveling from Doha to Alaska, tackles modern Native identity through a woman whose background is shared by no one else in the world.


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A journalist with indigenous roots reflects on the making of We Are Still Here: A Story from Native Alaska.